Invited Artists

Artistas Convidados

Magda Soboń

The exhibition is based on the idea of genesis and memory. In her work, the artist explores the various possibilities of paper as a material and form of expression.

Curated by Joaquim Pinheiro


CAAA - Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e da Arquitetura
Rua Padre Augusto Borges de Sá

Stephen Schofield

The exhibition presents a set of works that reflect the investigation of a series of dualities: weakness and strength; rigidity and flexibility; the kinetic and the static.

Curated by Dominique Roy
(BILP - Biennale Internationale du Lin de Portneuf)
and Cláudia Melo.


Convento de Santo António dos Capuchos
Rua Dr. Joaquim de Meira